Reiki – 1st Degree Initiation


In Western society, many college students/initiates are taught to separate out - by a time frame (days/weeks or months) - the initiations into the totally different Reiki ranges. 

Nonetheless, this needn't be the case. Reiki is a Divine, common vitality that builds upon earlier initiations and cements them collectively, making them stronger. 

College students could be initiated inside at some point. Solely small time gaps are required between every attunement. No hurt is brought on by a “at some point” initiation. Reiki is non-intrusive, it's a manner of opening up vitality channels. Time taken is not an element. 

In “at some point” an provoke can witness/expertise excessive emotions of oneness because the Reiki vitality opens “magic doorways” for them. Reiki is an incredible ,vitality that re-aligns oneself with the common supply of “all that there's”. 

The primary diploma is cut up into 4 levels the place every stage/attunement as will modify the coed to be inline with the upper Reiki energies so that these can simply stream by means of the physique. 

After the attunements you'll in all probability really feel extra balanced and begin feeling heat all through the physique - it is a by product of lining up with the Reiki frequencies. 

The extra regularly you utilize/channel Reiki, the better the stream shall be. One good re-charger is to lie in your again, place your fingers in your abdomen, verbally say the phrase Reiki a couple of instances after which calm down. An excellent vitality booster in as we speak’s busy world. 

Keep in mind Reiki shouldn't be an alternative to any remedy from a physician and so on, however Reiki will complement the therapeutic course of and you'll take up solely the quantities of vitality you want at anyone cut-off date. 

It isn't unusual for the receiver and/or the Reiki practitioner to expertise barely totally different sensations. For instance the receiver might expertise chilly on the place of the practitioner's fingers while the practitioner might really feel intense warmth. 

Reiki Grasp and Seichim Handbook – Model 1.1 - Copyright ©2002-2003, All rights reserved. 36 

Typically the receiver might expertise nothing bodily and might imagine that Reiki shouldn't be working. Reiki vitality typically works at a really delicate degree and should have profound outcomes, which grow to be obvious within the following days or even weeks. The vitality will journey to wherever it's wanted probably the most and works in any respect ranges – bodily, psychological/emotional and non secular. 

Concentrate on the sensations of vitality you possibly can really feel. These sensations could be very delicate however with observe you will see that that they're plain. 

At all times keep in mind that the practitioner is only a channel for the Reiki vitality. The receiver is drawing the Reiki by means of the practitioner. Solely the vitality required is drawn and since Reiki vitality has its personal intelligence, the receiver can by no means “over-dose” (i.e. draw an excessive amount of vitality). 

Reiki Grasp and Seichim Handbook – Model 1.1 - Copyright ©2002-2003, All rights reserved. 37 

The Reiki 1st Diploma initiation (the key course of...) 

The next pages are what really happen throughout your 4 initiations. Often, the coed would have their eyes closed, in the event that they have been current. 

The pages have been laid out to simply illustrate for you the procedures at every stage of initiation. 

Please initially take time to evaluate the aim of every initiation sequence. 

Inside every initiation sequence there shall be a sequence of Reiki symbols. You should “signal” (visually draw with one hand) the Reiki symbols or repeat the image title. 

The sequences collectively kind the “secret keys” that align the coed with the Reiki vitality at every degree. 

The method/sequence often refers to you giving the initiations to another person. However, you can provide your self the re-attunements ( stand in entrance of a mirror and carry out the identical actions to your self, this could often be to “Grasp the Initiation sequence”s earlier than Initiating differents...This could apply to all Reiki and Seichim Initiation ranges). 

Whenever you really feel comfy, carry out the sequence(s) numbered 1 -> 15 and specified by the next pages. 

After the fourth Initiation the coed has been efficiently attuned into the First Diploma of Reiki!