Reiki – 2nd Degree Initiation - (Okuden) 

Reiki – 2nd Degree Initiation - (Okuden) 


The second diploma of Reiki will enable your therapeutic means and instinct be enormously expanded. 

It would additionally can help you carry out distant therapeutic - plus offers entry to extra highly effective Reiki therapeutic symbols. 

The vibrational power acquired at this degree is a number of occasions better than that skilled from the primary diploma. 

Often, an provoke can be given the second diploma after time spent practising Reiki on the first diploma. However once more, as beforehand detailed, the time issue just isn't necessary. 

After the attunements you'll most likely really feel extra balanced and begin feeling heat all through the physique. 

You possibly can apply sending Distant therapeutic energies to your pals/family - even animals. At this degree you additionally obtain the symbols SEI-HE-KI, CHO-KU-REI and HON-SHA-ZE-SHO-NEN (see the supplementary pages after the Second diploma initiation). 

Reiki just isn't an alternative to remedy prescribed by a physician. Reiki enhances the therapeutic course of and you'll take in solely the quantities of power you want at anybody time limit. 

The Reiki 2nd Diploma initiation (the key course of...) 

The next pages are what really happen throughout your second initiation, as often the scholar would have their eyes closed. 

The pages have been laid out as an example for you the procedures at every stage of initiation. 

Please initially take time to assessment the aim of every sequence. 

You'll be requested to “signal” (visually draw with one hand) a Reiki image or repeat the image identify. 

The sequences put collectively type the “secret keys” that align the scholar with the Reiki power at this degree. 

If you really feel snug carry out the sequence(s) numbered 1 -> 15 specified by the next pages. 

After this Initiation the provoke has been efficiently attuned into the Second Diploma of Reiki!