Reiki before Mikao Usui 

Some Reiki academics have prompt that Mikao Usui just isn't a lot the founding father of Reiki however that he refound Reiki, which is an historic type of heal- ing. Listed here are two variations of those theories: 

✔ Reiki is an historic therapeutic power that had grow to be misplaced, and Usui chan- 

neled this misplaced historic power whereas meditating on Mount Kurama. 

Some teams additionally really feel justified to channel their very own variations of Reiki therapeutic, symbols, and attunement strategies. 

✔ Reiki got here from Buddhist texts, and Mikao Usui discovered these texts in his 


Definitely Buddhism influenced Mikao Usui’s system. Usui himself was a lay Buddhist priest (which meant he might dwell together with his household) and lived in a rustic that practiced Buddhism and Shintoism. Growth of the symbols was definitely influenced by Buddhism (see Chapter eight for extra concerning the symbols). 

Mikao Usui known as his system distinctive, and to date no researcher has been in a position to show that Usui’s system of pure therapeutic comes from any specific Buddhist textual content or historic civilization. Mikao Usui discovered a solution to a common reality: that therapeutic and enlightenment are attainable and that everybody is capa- ble of this therapeutic and enlightenment. Usui developed his system of Reiki pre- cisely as a result of he wished to share with others what he had discovered.