Reiki Chakra healing Balls 

One other I've discovered to work rather well firstly of a session for my consumer is to initially steadiness the Shoppers chakras earlier than I begin my therapeutic. 

1) Rub your palms/palms collectively to get some vitality motion 

2) Utilizing your palms, make sure the palms are dealing with one another 

3) Begin to really feel the Reiki vitality popping out of the palms and create a ball of the vitality together with your palms. Now truly begin to transfer you palms as in the event you had been utilizing this vitality to truly make a spherical ball of vitality. 

4) Once you really feel the ball has all the required Reiki cost then place this ball of vitality into the shoppers root chakra and truly sense it is placement and see the shoppers chakra (in your minds eye) glowing the related color. 

5) Now channel some Reiki into that Chakra for say only one minute. 

6) Transfer onto the following chakra and repeat levels 1-5 till you may have balanced the Crown chakra. 

After that keep on together with your regular Reiki session and so forth. 

This will also be utilized in distant therapeutic imaging the particular person is sat/laying in entrance of you.