Reiki for protection

Reiki for protection

Should you really feel you want to use Reiki to guard your self from adverse energies, there are numerous visualizations to select from – or just use intention.

There are a number of methods of utilizing intention:

  • After my Reiki self-treatment, I begin on daily basis by aspiring to be ‘guided and guarded by Reiki’. If I really feel scared throughout the day, I’ll do not forget that I’ve set this intention and really feel protected.
  • Connect with Reiki, really feel the connection after which intend to be protected by Reiki, both for the entire day or for a selected state of affairs.
  • Use Joshin Kokyu-Ho to fill your aura with Reiki for cover.

Among the many visualizations are:


  • Draw the Energy Image in entrance of you, then step into that area, intending that Reiki will shield you.
  • Visualize your self being surrounded by a bubble, web or anything you want so long as it fences you off from the skin world. Connect with Reiki and let it stream out of your palms for a second, intending that it fills this cocoon round you and protects you.

There are various extra visualizations, or you may make up your personal. A visualization is solely a manner of serving to you change into conscious of the Reiki round you and divulge heart's contents to it.

As talked about earlier, safety is just not essential for a Reiki remedy.