Reiki in Japan and the West 

When Hawayo Takata (see the part “Bringing Reiki from East to West: Hawayo Takata,” earlier on this chapter) died, none of her college students had been conscious that Reiki existed in Japan. Her Masters college students tried to place collectively their notes from the totally different teachings that Takata had given every of them. A few of her college students wrote books or created new Reiki branches. 

Reiki in Japan 

After Mikao Usui died in 1926, followers of his system in Japan went on qui- etly with out a lot public discover. 

Folks within the West who studied Reiki weren’t even conscious that Reiki had sur- vived in Japan. It seems that Japanese Reiki was mendacity in wait like a dormant seed. In 1985, Mieko Mitsui, a scholar of Barbara Weber Ray, returned to Japan and started to show some ranges of Reiki. Japanese individuals had been keen to review Reiki, and different Reiki academics from the West additionally got here to Japan to show Reiki. 

Finally, the elevated curiosity in Reiki stimulated some Japanese-trained Reiki practitioners and academics to come back out of hiding and start educating their strategies! 

Japanese and Western Reiki right now 

In the present day a distinction is made between Japanese Reiki, in some branches possi- bly extra trustworthy to Mikao Usui’s unique fashion, and Western Reiki, which has been altered by modifications made by Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, and even additional by successive Reiki academics. 

Japanese Reiki is now being studied within the West as Reiki college students yearn to find the roots of Reiki. As data on Japanese Reiki strategies turns into obtainable, Western branches of Reiki are incorporating this informa- tion into their teachings. 

In Japan, college students of Reiki are additionally finding out each Japanese and Western kinds of Reiki. Lecturers of Western-style Reiki proceed to go to Japan and train.