Reiki – Master Degree Initiation - (Shinpiden) 


The Grasp diploma of Reiki will once more vastly improve your therapeutic means. 

On the Grasp stage you'll expertise the next power vibrations when therapeutic oneself or others. 

Often you'll be given the Grasp diploma after time spent practising Reiki on the second diploma. However once more, as beforehand detailed, the time issue isn't essential. 

After the attunements you'll in all probability really feel extra balanced and begin feeling heat all through the physique. This can be a “by product” of lining up with the Reiki Grasp frequencies. 

Extra importantly, now you can practice different college students up via the Initiation sequences and cost when you so want. At this stage you additionally obtain the Grasp symbols (DAI-KO-MIO & TAM-A-RA-SHA). 

You must observe and “grasp” all of the Reiki therapeutic symbols - these are your instruments. Take pleasure in and stay life to the complete. 

Once more, Reiki isn't an alternative to remedy prescribed by a health care provider. Reiki enhances the therapeutic course of and you'll soak up solely the quantities of power you want at anyone cut-off date. 

The Reiki Grasp Diploma initiation (the key course of...) 

The next pages are precisely the Grasp initiation - usually, the Reiki scholar would have their eyes closed. 

The pages have been laid out to simply illustrate for you the procedures at at every stage of initiation. 

Please initially take time to evaluate the aim of every sequence. 

You're requested to “signal” (visually draw with one hand) the Reiki symbols or repeat the image names. 

The sequences collectively kind the “secret keys” that align the scholar with the Reiki power at this stage. 

Once you really feel snug, carry out the sequence(s) numbered 1 -> 15 specified by the next pages. 

After this Initiation the scholar has been efficiently attuned into the Third Diploma of Reiki – they're now a Reiki Grasp!