Reiki meditation methods - Gassho

Reiki meditation methods - Gassho

Now to meditation methods. In Reiki, as ordinary, we begin with the palms. Forming Gassho may be very easy: holding our palms flat, we carry them collectively, palms and fingers touching, in what's universally referred to as the prayer place. However there's far more to it than preliminary remark suggests: it's a conventional technique to greet somebody, categorical gratitude and focus.

Actually, Gassho means ‘bringing the palms collectively’, and that's what we do: the left and proper meet within the horizontal center. We discover it most comfy holding them in entrance of our coronary heart chakra, the vertical center of our chakras. So we actually centre ourselves.

That's the bodily act. Now comes the notice.

Usually, we use our palms bodily. We sort or write or draw (or play with our cell phones). We supply, we elevate, we maintain. Then we really feel or sense one thing. We encounter a bodily sensation. Typically we use our palms independently of one another. Now we are able to’t – we've introduced them collectively. We've got moved away from work. We've got moved away from on a regular basis life. We're holding them nonetheless.

Wanting by the hands in Gassho, we very first thing we could understand is that we have a tendency to carry them with the fingers pointing upwards. They're pointing away from the Earth. Away from our bodily selves. They're pointing in direction of heaven.

Subsequent we could understand that we've introduced the 2 palms collectively. However what did we carry collectively? First, left and proper. Our two halves.

our mind and imagining our palms being guided by it, being an extension of it, we could understand that we’ve introduced the 2 sides of our being collectively: the left mind, our mind, controlling how we operate on the planet, and the fitting mind, the centre of our instinct, feelings and religious consciousness, the place we discover steerage and peace.

There's a widespread saying that when folks seem barely confused, ‘the fitting hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing’. In Gassho the palms do know. They're held collectively. They're within the identical place.

Having introduced our consideration to the place of our palms within the centre between left and proper (or, somewhat, transcending left and proper), we are able to now look vertically. The guts chakra doesn’t simply signify the centre of the chakra system but additionally the centre of the Three Diamonds system. Beneath is the Hara, the seat of Earth vitality, connecting us with the extent of type. Above is the third eye, the seat of the heaven vitality, connecting us to the world of spirit.

So, by holding our palms within the Gassho place, we carry all features of our individual into concord. From this level, we are able to attain out. The Centre Diamond, the center, is the place of connection, the place the place we really feel love, concord and peace. We are able to now absolutely deal with being at one – with all people and every little thing, and with our personal true self.