Reiki meditation techniques - Seiza

Reiki meditation techniques - Seiza

This isn’t actually a method – it’s the traditional Japanese meditation pose. Seiza means ‘correct sitting’. To take a seat in seiza, you kneel on the ground, resting your backside in your heels, then flip your ankles outwards so the tops of your toes are on the ground and decrease your backside proper right down to the ground whereas preserving your again straight. In Japanese custom, girls preserve their knees collectively and males separate them barely. Your palms may be folded in your lap, relaxation palm-down in your thighs or be positioned in a half-curl by your hips together with your knuckles touching the ground.

This may occasionally sound easy, however I've by no means sat in seiza myself. My knees would kill me. Some folks use a seiza bench so as to not sit instantly on their ankles, however even that doesn’t work for me. Happily, seiza isn’t mandatory. We're allowed to be comfy in Reiki!

And but there’s usually a advantageous line between comfy and informal, and a sloppy posture isn’t useful both. The extra alert we're and the straighter our backbone, the extra simply the ki can stream. So, by all means sit in seiza, or the lotus place, or just cross-legged, in case your bodily disposition permits it. In all these circumstances, your two knees and your buttocks will type a ‘tripod’, and that is what's vital.

In case you are extra comfy sitting on a chair, make it possible for your toes are positioned on the ground (or, in case you are too excessive up, on a cushion or stool), your sitting bones are firmly on the chair and your backbone is straight. For those who can, I'd recommend sitting on the entrance of the chair and never leaning on the backrest, however that is as much as you. You now have the tripod once more: a secure base for meditation.