Reiki Protection – Is it required? 

You could have heard about different Power therapeutic strategies that require protecting meditation or preparation earlier than working with vitality on the shopper. 

Some NON-Reiki healers have talked about they themselves initially tackle the illnesses of the purchasers (complications, aches and ache, feeling drained and so forth...) and can't then give healings till they really feel higher once more. There's a Cause for this! 

With Reiki, the above by no means happens as Reiki vitality heals each time. You've gotten been attuned and related to The Divine Common and the vitality is at all times correctly earthed/launched with out “any” participation from you. 

The Shoppers illnesses usually are not deemed a results of Damaging vitality – relatively vitality launched as a headache, again ache or related. It’s the tip results of points/blockages inside their very own vitality/chakra system (the reason for all illnesses - see the appendices for more information). Reiki makes use of “you” as a facilitator to switch therapeutic energies to the Consumer. It “is aware of” the way to earth any energies which may be hindering the Consumer (that is the essence of Reiki). NON-Reiki healers “manually” earth themselves earlier than/after every therapeutic and in doing so tackle the illnesses of the Consumer. 

If you end up giving a Reiki therapeutic, you're additionally receiving therapeutic because the Reiki vitality passes by you. 

Nonetheless, if you happen to really feel the “want” for some kind of Earthing/Safety then the Appendix lists some methods that may assist. It's completely as much as you what you are feeling snug doing earlier than a session commences.