Reiki – The Initiation/Attunement process 

The Reiki initiations/attunement course of allows the recipient to completely open and hook up with the Common Reiki therapeutic energies on all ranges (psychological, bodily, emotional and psychically) and likewise clears and balances many vital vitality channels inside the physique 

Reiki has three formal ranges of initiation - coaching and follow of every enhances development and mastery of Reiki. Attunements are given by a Reiki Grasp. 

The Reiki attunements are at all times a particular non secular expertise for the receiver and might trigger comparable emotions for the Grasp. 

Time between attunements ? 

I’ll point out this right here once more as there may be controversy inside the Reiki neighborhood as to the size of time between Reiki initiations. 

A variety of practitioners imagine that there ought to be a major time frame between ranges. Some counsel Reiki I and Reiki II, twenty-one days aside - and a 12 months between Reiki II and Reiki III ("grasp/trainer"). Different lecturers enable college students to take Reiki I & II & III inside just a few days and a few mix all three Reiki ranges in a single attunement, claiming that by connecting an individual completely to Reiki permits them to develop at their very own tempo. 

I absolutely agree with the latter – that’s the explanation why, I began the web site. I really feel some Reiki masters use the idea of lengthy intervals of ready to warrant charging excessive charges at every Initiation degree, clearly that’s simply my opinion! 

I personally provoke all my college students inside one morning performing a “Gassho” meditation in-between every degree.