Our Soul/Spirit/Larger Self is that a part of us that's straight linked to God/Goddess/All That Is. The soul is religious power, and simply as every little thing else within the Universe is power, as soon as that power has been created it could actually solely be reworked, not destroyed. Due to this fact the soul power, which is the core of our being, is everlasting, and it grows and develops by way of its experiences throughout every incarnation. When the bodily matter, which has been its physique throughout a single life, wears out and expires the soul strikes on, ultimately reincarnating into one other physique with which to expertise bodily life.

That is the place the expression “previous lives” comes from. Every of us alive on the planet in the present day has most likely had a whole bunch if not 1000's of bodily lives as people, and we might have had some lives as different species too, resembling animals or birds. Some folks imagine these can happen between episodes of human life, whereas others imagine they have been at a time earlier than our particular person soul power began to dwell human lives.

There may be additionally a perception within the East that in each incarnation every soul gathers karma, which means that the sum of an individual’s actions in earlier states of existence decides his or her destiny in future existences. Every good thought or motion is claimed to construct up a financial institution of optimistic karma, and every unhealthy thought or deed builds up a debt of damaging karma, which then must be labored out or repaid throughout many subsequent lives till that soul achieves Enlightenment.

Nonetheless, in between lives, or when the soul has developed sufficiently in order that it not must expertise bodily life, it could actually nonetheless have a connection to the bodily by appearing as a spirit information. It is a soul power current in one other dimension, typically refer - crimson to because the etheric or religious realms, whose objective is to assist humanity with steerage, inspiration, therapeutic and so forth, which is channeled by way of a human. Nonetheless, some folks imagine that such religious steerage comes from points of our personal infinite Soul/Larger Self which can be all the time linked to the God-consciousness /All That Is, in order that the collected knowledge of the entire Universe is all the time accessible to us, if we select to hunt it.

Previous-life Therapeutic Strategies

In the event you imagine in reincarnation and previous lives, you may wish to attempt these two past-life therapeutic strategies. Methodology A can be utilized after First Diploma however Methodology B requires using the symbols.

Methodology A: Write on a chunk of paper that you simply want to heal any damaging karma you will have collected in previous lives. Maintain this paper between your palms for about ten minutes and intend that Reiki ought to movement into these previous lives for the best and nice - est good. You possibly can repeat this train any variety of instances, till you intuitively really feel that the therapeutic has been efficiently automobile - ried out.


Methodology B: This system is one I've developed that may produce some very highly effective therapeutic and might be greatest executed in meditation:

1. Be sure to are sitting or mendacity comfortably the place you'll not be disturbed for at the least 20 minutes, then enable your physique to chill out, centering your self by respiration deeply and evenly for a couple of minutes.

2. Begin by asking your spirit angels to assist to heal any previous life (or lives) that could be producing karma for you on this life. These angels or spirit guides who will aid you with this activity might seem to you in your creativeness, or you might merely sense their presence.

3. Then shield your self by imagining a Energy Image in entrance of you, one other behind you and one on all sides.

4. Now visualize connecting to that life on a bridge made by the Distant Image, and ship the Concord Image and the Energy Image forward of you as you think about your self strolling over the bridge.

5. Visualize your self standing on the brink of that life and, realizing that you're protected by your guides, angels and Reiki, ask to be proven in a type that's straightforward so that you can perceive any insights that is perhaps useful to you now in your current life. Give your self a while to “see” these points of a previous life (or lives) which can be affecting you now.

6. Then intend that Reiki produce deep therapeutic in that life (or lives), therapeutic any karmic wounds in your self and in any folks whom you impacted in that life, for the best and biggest good.

7. Then, thanking your guides and angels for his or her assist, flip and stroll again throughout the Distant Image bridge and step off, turning again to face the bridge.

8. Ship a Energy Image throughout the bridge to seal within the therapeutic, then think about the Distant Image drawing again and getting smaller or fading till it disappears, in order that it not connects you with that life.

9. Subsequent draw a Energy Image once more in entrance of you to cleanse and clear the energies.

10. Lastly, put one hand up within the air and convey it down forcefully, like a karate chop, to lastly sever any additional hyperlinks with that life’s karma. Heal the lower with one other Energy Image, love and light-weight.

11. Give your self some Reiki for about ten minutes, and don’t fear in the event you really feel very emotional, as that is fairly regular. Permit these emotions to scrub over you, then allow them to go, releasing the feelings with gratitude for the teachings they've helped you to study.