Seichim – Master Degree Initiation 


The Seichim Grasp diploma enhances Reiki and comes from the Egyptian phrase “Sekhem” (additionally know as SKHM, Seichim and Seichem)

Reiki grasp Patrick Zeigler found Seichim. Patrick had a imaginative and prescient of a divine vitality regarded as QuanYin. QuanYin gave Patrick the addition symbols. 

Seichim is channelled Residing Gentle Power from the Supply. It's truly simply one other facet /vibration of the One supply, similar to Reiki is. 

The symbols for this highly effective vitality are literally discovered carved/etched on the perimeters of the Nice Egyptian pyramids and in addition inside a number of the tombs. There are various references made to SEKHEM in quite a few scrolls discovered within the pyramids and historic ruins of the temples. 

The precise phrase SEKHEM means "Energy" or "May" and it additionally has an in depth connection to the Goddess “Sekmet”. 

Seichim is an exquisite manner of accessing the vitality of the Nice Mom earth and a path to deeper self-realisation/empowerment. It balances and re-aligns the yin-female facet of our beings on all ranges (bodily, emotional, psychological and religious). 

Seichim is a therapeutic system not in contrast to Reiki. It's vitality, drawn from the limitless supply of the universe. 

Seichim and Reiki work collectively as a unification of sacred therapeutic energies to utterly steadiness and harmonize an individual's bodily, emotional, psychological and religious our bodies. This expands the person's capability to hold extra mild and love and anchors and grounds the important life power inside his or her vitality system. 

It's possible you'll really feel a special vitality whereas channelling Seichim relatively than Reiki. The place Reiki is the “Nice White Divine Gentle”, Seichem then is the Rainbow - each from the identical place, however a really completely different in expertise. 

As with Reiki, there are lots of variations on Seichim. 

You need to use Seichim with Reiki. Draw the infinity image on the palms and say the phrase "Seichim" 3 times. It is best to then really feel extra reference to Mom earth - permit the Seichim vitality to move by way of you. Place your palms on the individual, both utilizing reiki hand positions or intuitively the place you're feeling the palms ought to go. 

You possibly can then use any mixture of Reiki and Seichim symbols you deem useful for the shopper. You possibly can undertake extra Seichim processes into the Reiki Therapeutic classes listed within the Appendices. 

The primary level - Seichim might be simply utilized in conjunction Reiki. Each energies praise one another and can work concurrently on the shopper at completely different ranges. 

Each assist to handle any deep vitality blocks. These are launched, bringing the chance for improved well being and better ranges of vitality and vitality for the recipient. 

Seichim and Reiki can be utilized along side different therapeutic strategies, however aren't an alternative to therapy prescribed by a health care provider. Each complement the therapeutic course of and you'll take in solely the quantities of vitality you want at anyone cut-off date.