Seishin Toitsu—Concentration or Meditation

1. Protecting your fingers within the Gassho place, take your focus away from respiration by means of your nostril and picture that you're respiration by means of your fingers.
2. As you breathe in, visualize the sunshine of Reiki flowing in by means of your fingers, and from there into your coronary heart chakra. Think about it filling your coronary heart chakra after which sense it flowing into your Hara line. Visualize it flowing up and down your Hara line till it's stuffed with white mild.
3. Then, as you breathe out, visualize that the sunshine, which now fills your Hara line, is radiating out once more by means of your fingers, flowing out and spreading Reiki in all instructions all over the world and into the Universe.
4. Proceed this course of for a couple of minutes or so long as you would like, inhaling Reiki by means of your fingers, into your Hara line and out of your fingers once more, then let your thoughts settle right into a peaceable, meditative state. (If you're endeavor this observe with different Reiki college students and your Reiki Grasp, that is the time while you would usually obtain the Rei-ju empowerment, so you'll stay nonetheless along with your eyes closed till your Reiki Grasp knowledgeable you that the Rei-ju was accomplished.)