Sensing your body’s electromagnetic field: The aura 

Aura is the time period for the general vitality construction related to an object along with the bodily physique of the item. Aura is the vitality subject that surrounds, penetrates, and extends outward out of your physique. The aura is illustrated in Determine 2-2 and it incorporates all of the vitality our bodies. All objects, dwelling or in any other case, have an aura. 

A lot has been written about auras by way of colours and adjustments that happen. 

✔ Some folks can see auras. Psychics and clairvoyants can see colour, shapes, and sizes of auras. You'll be able to study to see auras too (try the following part, “Seeing your aura”). 

✔ Modifications within the aura precede bodily sickness within the bodily physique. 

✔ Therapeutic of the bodily physique should additionally embody therapeutic of the aura, or 

the illness will recur. 

✔ A sort of images known as Kirlian images captures the aura on 

movie in an effort to visualize it. 

If you wish to see an image of the aura of fingertips earlier than and after a Reiki session, try 

Seeing your aura When you can see the aura, you’ll be extra more likely to imagine in it. Your Reiki trainer could take you thru some workouts to sense auras. One train you are able to do is as follows: 

  1. Maintain your hand in entrance of you. 

If attainable, use a clean or white background. 

  1. Look softly at your fingers; attempt to shut your eyes half manner. 
  2. Take your consideration to the house surrounding every finger. 

Transfer your eyes out a little bit till you see a colour or line. Near your physique, the aura could seem purplish gray or yellow. 

It takes a little bit follow, however hold specializing in the house surrounding your hand. After you get the cling of it, you’ll need to hold practising. 

Keep in mind this can be a refined vitality. If you assume you see one thing, you might have! Belief your impression! Now you possibly can follow seeing auras on your self within the mirror or on different folks. Keep in mind to look softly. 

Have you ever ever checked out previous non secular work? The saint’s gold halo in non secular work is definitely a golden coloured aura. 

Reiki and the aura If you get a Reiki therapy, the vitality treats your whole system, together with your aura. For that purpose, Reiki will be beamed from throughout the room or carried out with arms above your physique (see Chapter 10). The aura is incessantly handled earlier than and/or after a Reiki session.

As a result of the aura holds vitality of all types, a Reiki practitioner would possibly need to do an aura cleaning each earlier than and after the Reiki session. I see it by way of being like a automobile wash, the place the Reiki session is sort of a automobile wash. The aura cleaning earlier than the session is like performing a prewash to take away the heavy dust earlier than performing the common Reiki session. The aura cleaning after the session is like performing a waxing to maintain in and defend the “good” vitality that you just now have.