Sharing Reiki with others

Amazingly, Reiki can be utilized to deal with different folks immediately. Don’t let something cease you! Some college students go dwelling after the primary day of the course and check out it out on their household. The suggestions the subsequent day is fabulous.

The time period ‘treating others’ isn’t, nonetheless, wholly applicable. We don’t actually give a therapy, we merely speak in confidence to Reiki and share the reference to the shopper. College students usually remark in shock that after ‘giving a therapy’ they really feel as in the event that they’ve acquired one. And that's precisely what occurs.

Once we practise Reiki, we don’t use any of our personal vitality, we merely hook up with vitality from above. (Which is why some practitioners use the time period ‘channelling vitality’.) Not like our personal vitality, Reiki is on the market in abundance. Sharing it should by no means go away us depleted.

On this chapter we are going to discover the fundamentals of offering a Reiki therapy. They're at all times the identical, regardless of whether or not you’re an entire novice or a seasoned practitioner.