Palms-on therapeutic has been used for hundreds of years in just about each faith, tradition and society. Some healers use their very own life-force power to heal others, however they'll simply develop into exhausted in the event that they use an excessive amount of, as a result of the physique wants enough time to replenish its power provide. Different religious healers work by being a spotlight for the energies provided by “unseen buddies” or spirit guides (folks within the religious realm who've agreed to assist humanity on this approach) and so they place their arms to direct power wherever their guides inform them it's wanted.

Nonetheless, some religious healers are ready to attract therapeutic power into themselves from the Supply, which then flows into the particular person they're therapeutic. This technique is just like utilizing Reiki, however I've had many religious healers attending my Reiki workshops, and so they have all reported that the Reiki power feels fairly completely different to them. It appears to movement instantaneously, not like the opposite therapeutic energies they work with, which have a tendency to construct up extra slowly.

This would appear to verify that Reiki, as a novel strand of therapeutic power, has its personal vibrational frequency; though I personally consider all therapeutic energies come from the identical supply, however they might have other ways of working and completely different vibrations. Certainly, there's a 5,000-year-old textual content referred to as The Yellow Emperor’s Basic of Inner Drugs within the Chinese language therapeutic custom, which states that there are 32 completely different sorts of Chi (Ki).