Spiritual Origins of Karuna Reiki 

Dimensional Links 

The more I exploit Karuna Reiki, the extra I acknowledge that it's by some means facilitating an inter-dimensional stream of energies. By this I imply it's permitting the practitioner to activate soul reminiscence of therapeutic applied sciences from historical occasions, and to hyperlink by the size to convey them into the present time area that we all know to be third dimensional actuality. 

By way of the usage of Karuna Reiki, we've the chance to broaden our idea of actuality. It's so simple to develop into targeted on our day by day lives in the third dimension and consider that's all there's; or assume it's the solely factor of significance. Typically it appears as if we're afraid to let ourselves believe within the vastness of creation. 

We are able to start to know the thought of inter-dimensional realities, or different planes of existence; if, for a second, we overlook every thing we predict we find out about linear time and think about that maybe time is act 


Think about time as a steady stream of power that incorporates all the occasions which have ever occurred, are occurring on this second, or will ever occur. If that is so, then we are able to additionally think about with the ability to prepare our thoughts to mix with our larger consciousness, and with the right instruments, hyperlink in with previous and future occasions and cultures. 

As unusual as this will likely appear, it could be one clarification for previous life reminiscence, in addition to how and why a few of us are tapping into Lemurian, 

Atlantean, Egyptian and Biblical therapeutic methods and techniques. That is occurring to many healers as they elevate their vibration and launch their fears of the unknown and journey into these different dimensions or planes of consciousness, tapping into the time continuum. 

It is rather widespread for brand new Karuna Reiki practitioners to obtain glimpses of Biblical or Egyptian occasions, together with reminiscences or visions of therapeutic cham bers contained in the pyramids, therapeutic oils and rituals. It's my intuitive sense that the explanation these occasions are the first to be recalled is that the power of these occasions is denser than the Atlantean and Lemurian occasions. 

Lemurian's have been each bodily and etheric beings and thus the power of their time is of a higher vibration than the Atlantean's and historical Egyptian's. As we work with Karuna Reiki and different excessive vibrational healing applied sciences, our vibration raises and we're capable of faucet into the crystal temples of Atlantis, and the rainbow crystalline power of the Lemurian temples and chambers. 

One thing that has come very clear to me as I work with Karuna is that the ability of the group in therapeutic is nothing in need of phenomenal. A group is really highly effective when all the folks serving as devices for therapeutic power to stream by can actually set their personalities and egos apart. When all members of a bunch come along with clear intention and pure hearts, miracles occur. 

In Lemuria telepathic talents have been very extremely developed amongst the leaders and the ability of group power was actually understood. It was by a bunch of Lemurian's who had extremely developed telepathic talents, holding a typical imaginative and prescient, and channeling particular frequencies of power; that buildings, temples, pyramids, and many others. have been constructed. The Lemurian's manifested what they wanted utilizing prayer, targeted intention, collective imaginative and prescient and power. 

Understanding these items about Lemuria helps clarify to me why a lot of what have been are being guided to do now includes holding a typical imaginative and prescient, channeling power, and ready until the imaginative and prescient manifests. 

Oneness - A Lemurian Clarification 

There's a Lemurian information who works with me, and a bunch of buddies. Her identify is Lamaya. I had by no means been conscious of her till one day this explicit group gathered, prayed, meditated and despatched power collectively. Lamaya got here to us at the moment and defined the idea of “adamantine particles of sunshine”. She stated that we're all actually one, and that our souls are manufactured from an infinite number of light particles. These particles of mild maintain the essence of each soul, and due to this fact the reminiscences that they maintain. These are the adamantine particles of sunshine. 

She laughed as she defined why so many individuals sense that they have been Cleopatra, Edgar Cayce, or witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus. She explained that it's because it's true! Our soul blueprint, or private akashic file, holds the essence of each single expertise of each incarnate and non-incarnate soul. Subsequently we're actually one with all there's. 

As I'm penning this, I can not assist however surprise if that is too “on the market” for a few of you studying this. Nonetheless, I've a really sturdy sense that it's necessary to introduce these ideas right here. You do not should embrace this data as your reality, but I ask that you just take into account it as a risk. 

Since I used to be a really young baby I've had an internal figuring out that what I've described right here is true to me, however I did not perceive the way it could be. Dwelling in a logical, analytical world it is vitally troublesome to simply accept. How ever, because the introduction of Karuna Reiki into my life, I'm bear in mind ing extra on daily basis of the limitless nature of creation, and I'm studying to be open to all prospects.