Symbols in Healing 

Symbols have been used for hundreds of years to signify totally different components of spirituality. The symbols utilized in Karuna Reiki are transcendental in nature, which means they're linked on to the God consciousness. Every image is a illustration of a novel vibration and serves as a key to activate sure frequencies of power. There are lots of methods to activate the energies of the symbols. They might be drawn within the air or over the hands or physique. They might be visualized, projected from the eyes, or the forehead chakra or their names can be chanted silently or aloud. 

As we turn into skilled with these frequencies we regularly come to a level the place we will activate the symbols by merely pondering of them and Stating a sacred intention throughout a prayer. It isn't the image itself that holds therapeutic energy, however the mixture of the attunement to the sym bols, our sacred intention, prayer, and the willingness to heal that unlocks the symbols' therapeutic energy. 

The Karuna Reiki system includes some symbols that are utilized in different techniques of healing. Nevertheless, by way of the method of the attunement, the Karuna symbols and the character of the Karuna énergy itself, carry their personal distinct vibration. Subsequently, they perform in a different way than similar symbols do when they're used to activate different energies.