Tanden Chiryo

Objective : Tanden Chiryo is used to power-up or recharge the Tanden with Ki. The Tanden is the seat or heart of the place your Ki is saved. It's situated two to a few fingers beneath your navel. I believe this truly pertains to the second chakra (others suppose it’s a mini chakra in its personal proper.) It’s the “supply” of the individuals “Ki” vitality. 

The right way to discover your Tanden 

This may increasingly take just a little practise... 

  • Do all these steps slowly 
  • Arise together with your ft shoulder width aside 
  • Now take some gradual “deep” breaths – slowly releasing all of the Rigidity in your physique. 
  • Let your mouth open barely, Relaxation the “tip” of your tongue as you inhale by means of your “nostril” and as you exhale by means of your mouth place you tongue on the underside of your mouth. Now: o Focus your intention in your decrease stomach, if can barely 

crouch your legs just a little. o With just a little practise you'll turn into conscious of the tanden 

level two or three fingers beneath your navel with every “gradual” breath o Proceed to Breath as above, when you do really feel the purpose then 

you may have accessed the Tanden vitality level of your physique. 

To do Tanden Chiryo merely place one hand in your Tanden and the opposite hand on the again of the physique behind the Tanden. Preserve your palms in place till they elevate off by themselves.