Teaching Reiki to others 

Mikao Usui started imparting his religious experiences to others within the early 1900s. Palms-on therapeutic and religious therapeutic have been standard in Japan presently. After his enlightenment on Mount Kurama, Usui refined his teachings to a system that extra carefully resembles the Reiki that's taught as we speak. 

The intention of Usui’s educating was to supply college students with instruments for their very own religious enlightenment and therapeutic. Usui’s system of therapeutic included the next: 

✔ Reiki Ideas 

✔ Reiki hand positions 

✔ Meditation 

✔ Symbols and mantras  

✔ Attunement (initiation) course of

As a result of Usui’s system of therapeutic has modified with every successive instructor, I can present the knowledge on Usui’s technique solely as it's generally prac- ticed as we speak quite than as Usui as soon as taught it. Some search the holy grail of Reiki: the unique teachings of Mikao Usui. The issue is that no one sys- tem of educating will ever be discovered as a result of Mikao Usui is understood to have various his teachings relying on the coed. 

A few of Usui’s teachings (or derivations of his teachings) are present in a Japanese educating handbook known as Usui Reiki Hikkei, which has been trans- lated from the Japanese (see Frank Arjava Petter’s books within the Appendix). Regardless of the historic element of whether or not this handbook was written by Usui him- self or another person quickly after his dying, this handbook does present perception into early Reiki educating. It incorporates the next: 

✔ Reiki Ideas, which have been known as “the key technique to ask happiness.” 

✔ “Usui’s Message about Reiki,” through which he introduces the idea of his teachings to most of the people. 

✔ Therapeutic Information, a sequence of hand positions that was most likely developed by Chujiro Hayashi  for a Western derivation of those positions.

✔ Meiji Emperor’s Poems (known as gyosi in Japanese), brief poems on 

subjects similar to nature that have been recited as a method to focus the thoughts. 

✔ Usui’s solutions to college students’ questions.