The body according to Reiki

The body according to Reiki

Now we’ll transfer on and take a look at the physique in a barely totally different approach. We’ll take the Reiki view and see the physique as a universe in itself.

There are three major power centres alongside our physique, referred to as Tanden factors in Japanese (or Dantien in Chinese language). They replicate the construction of the universe (see picture overleaf).

The decrease Tanden: Earth power

The primary is known as Hara, or decrease Tanden. That is our level of reference to Earth power. It represents our existence within the right here and now.

Additionally it is the placement of the power (ki) of the physique. From it, ki strikes up the central meridian (additionally referred to as Hara) and is distributed all through the physique.

The Tanden factors

Once we retailer and keep sufficient ki on this level, we're sturdy and wholesome and may take care of the calls for of the extent of type.

This Tanden can also be the centre of the physique when it comes to steadiness. Sumo wrestlers can consolidate their power there in order that they’re virtually invincible. Solely when they're distracted can they be toppled. Specializing in the Hara is the important thing.

The higher Tanden: heaven power

Then we transfer to the plain reverse of Earth: heaven. Our connection to heaven power lies across the forehead chakra, typically referred to as the third eye.

Most individuals are conscious of this level via seeing Indian individuals sporting a dot there. Not too many observers have a tendency to know, although, that this isn’t meant to be merely a reasonably adornment. It's imagined to remind the wearer that they don’t simply have two bodily eyes to see the outer world but in addition a ‘third eye’ to see and sense intuitively.

When opening up spiritually, individuals typically really feel sensations at this level. In India, some individuals put sandalwood paste there to chill it down.

The duality of heaven and Earth power is usually felt in an attunement. We really feel the motion of power, typically as a sensation in our palms, and may expertise a powerful sensation between the eyebrows.

The center Tanden: expertise of oneness

Within the center between heaven and Earth we discover one other power centre: the center chakra or third Tanden level.

That is the purpose from which we attain out to others – the purpose of empathy and love. And it's right here in fact that we will really feel love bodily. Don’t we get a sense of heat in our chest once we’re in love? Once we’re in love with somebody, we really feel near them, we wish to be with them, we divulge heart's contents to them, we wish to share, to know extra. We try to turn into one with them.

We naturally have emotions of affection and connection. Mom Teresa most likely had them in abundance, many individuals retrieve them when prompted, and with some individuals they’re buried so deeply that they solely come out once they pat their canine. However the feeling of oneness is there however – and sharing Reiki relies on it.