The concept of holistic healing

I'm very grateful to Reiki trainer Penelope Quest for introducing me to the idea of holistic therapeutic. In different phrases, not simply trying on the physique however on the complete particular person. Working holistically means we don’t simply give attention to a symptom however keep in mind trigger and impact. In any case, if we deal with the symptom and never the trigger, it is going to inevitably reappear.

Therapeutic on completely different ranges

On the subject of Reiki, 4 ranges of therapeutic are generally distinguished:

  1. Bodily: Something to do with the physique (our personal and people of others).

  2. Emotional: How we react to and cope with our experiences (each consciously and subconsciously).

  3. Psychological: Our attitudes and thought patterns (choices, instructions and life-style decisions).

  4. Religious: The larger image (discovering that means, acceptance and – presumably probably the most troublesome factor of all – forgiveness).

I want to add a fifth (very sensible) degree: life circumstances (by surprising adjustments or out-of-the-blue encounters, typically summed up as synchronicity).

In lots of, if not most, instances, the degrees are interconnected. For example, a bodily drawback (a painful knee) might have been brought on by one other bodily drawback (a twisted ankle that affected the steadiness of the knee). Bodily issues also can have an effect on our feelings (I'm depressed as a result of my painful knee retains me from taking a stroll within the sunshine) or vice versa (I'm unhappy and my physique posture displays this, resulting in rigidity and complications). The physique–thoughts connection has been the topic of a lot analysis just lately, together with into the therapeutic results of optimistic considering and the harmful results of stress.

For Reiki, this implies there’s typically extra behind a symptom than meets the attention and we have to keep open to the opportunity of therapeutic on multiple degree.

This occurred to my pupil Dee, who handled a girl for a frozen shoulder. She was certainly one of her first purchasers and Dee was stuffed with anticipation. She hoped to treatment the ache, however nothing occurred. As a substitute, through the therapy her shopper discovered herself continuously excited about cash. Within the subsequent dialog, it emerged that she was self-employed and was deeply anxious concerning the lack of labor coming in.

Just a few weeks later they met once more and the shopper reported a terrific surge in jobs and subsequently in cash coming in. The frozen shoulder had been an indication of ‘shouldering’ all this accountability for her household! And naturally the signs then eased too.