The Connection Symbol

The Connection Symbol


The Connection Image (generally additionally known as the Distant Image) helps us to comprehend the State of Oneness. We're tapping into quantum physics – the extent the place all the things is interconnected. Each being is a part of the identical expertise, and what occurs to at least one has an impact on everybody. So, the Connection Image doesn’t bridge area and time, it makes us conscious that each are an phantasm.

Oneness additionally means love. The origin and the objective of affection are the identical: to transcend separation, to become one.

Visual representation

As an instance the concept of authentic oneness and the phantasm of separation, Mikao Usui mixed 5 kanji. However he actually mixed them: the ending of 1 kanji kinds a part of the subsequent. In order quickly as we separate the person kanji, the that means of the image is misplaced.