The elements of the Reiki symbols

The elements of the Reiki symbols

All of us study, bear in mind and even sense in numerous methods – some visible, some auditory, some mental. With this in thoughts, Mikao Usui integrated three aspects into these studying instruments:

1. Drawing

The visible illustration, or just form. Utilizing both a finger or your complete hand, you usually draw the image within the air in entrance of you. One other means is to attract or visualize it in your thoughts. Most individuals do that once they think about their third eye chakra. Within the Western custom, drawing the image is accompanied by repeating its mantra (see under) thrice.

2. The mantra

A mantra is a sequence of kanji evoking the identical qualities because the image. As talked about earlier, kanji are logographic characters that symbolize a phrase or a syllable. After the Second World Warfare a lot of them have been simplified or changed and new characters added. Every has a person that means, however collectively they reveal a deeper message.

A mantra is often utilized in reference to the respective image, but additionally works by itself. It's repeated thrice and could be stated both silently or aloud.

3. Kotodama

A kotodama makes use of vowels to create a sure energetic vibration. Within the system of Reiki the vowels contained within the mantras are used. A kotodama could be chanted silently or aloud. Neither a superb singing voice nor a selected observe is important, so no excuses – chanting is not singing!

The thought behind the kotodama is the notion that phrases and sounds carry vitality.

Initially, the usage of any of those components will really feel a bit odd. You draw an elaborate signal together with your fingers, repeat overseas phrases and chant vowels – what are you doing?! However simply look forward to the impact. It's mind-blowing. Very quickly utilizing these components might be second nature.

Listed below are three sensible ideas for drawing the symbols:


  1. Just remember to study them correctly. Draw them repeatedly till you’re happy that them by coronary heart. That means you received’t fear about how to attract them and may think about the feeling of their vitality. To start with you'll be able to draw them on a bit of paper and place it subsequent to you while you wish to use them.
  2. You'll uncover that your fingers have a superb new operate: a built-in eraser. When you aren’t positive whether or not the image you’ve drawn is appropriate, merely erase it and begin once more. Even seasoned Reiki practitioners do that.
  3. When you draw a logo incorrectly, you could not really feel its vitality as strongly. However that's the solely impact it will possibly have. It's unattainable to draw different (even damaging) energies once we make a mistake with a logo. In spite of everything, we’re utilizing it in our connection to Reiki – and the intention is the overriding issue.

The symbols are a way to an finish. The extra we use them, the extra we confide in the totally different ranges of our existence within the universe. In the future we could also be so open that the symbols have served their objective – and we are able to discard them. Japanese Reiki trainer Hiroshi Doi, an ex-member of the Gakkai Coaching group, refers back to the symbols as ‘coaching wheels’. They're useful to get us going, however aren’t wanted once we’re up and operating. Frankly, although, it is rather uncommon to be expert sufficient to make use of Reiki completely with out them. Personally, I don’t know anyone who does. For many practitioners, the symbols might be an vital a part of their observe all through their life.