First a reminder that distant therapeutic is one thing that may be despatched by somebody with any stage of Reiki, as described on web page 139, and one of many actually good issues about Reiki for many of us is that we've got one thing we are able to use to assist different individuals, so after all we are going to wish to “ship” therapeutic and like to individuals we all know are sick or in misery. Sending distant therapies, nonetheless, is just potential after Second Diploma with the usage of the Reiki Distant Image and is rather more highly effective and efficient. Nevertheless, there are moral issues for each distant therapeutic and distant therapies, as a result of ideally they need to solely be despatched with the permission of the recipient.

One level to contemplate is that when sending therapeutic or therapies our motives and intentions could also be good, however there's additionally one thing of a controlling ingredient in these motivations—we wish somebody to “get higher” or “be blissful.” That could be our notion of what's for his or her highest and biggest good, however as I've identified earlier than, we might assume we all know what that's however more often than not we most likely don’t.

If an individual involves you for a full hands-on Reiki remedy or asks you to place your arms on their head for some Reiki to assist eliminate a headache, for instance, then they clearly know what they're doing. By asking for the Reiki they're taking some duty for their very own therapeutic. It's equally necessary that the one that is to obtain a distant remedy really is aware of about it, apart from in distinctive circumstances, akin to somebody in a coma. In any other case, by sending Reiki to that particular person you're intruding on their private house with out permission.

Think about if somebody instantly grabbed you by the shoulders, thrust you on a remedy sofa and started providing you with Reiki, with out a lot as a by-your-leave! You'll regard that as an undesirable interference, and an infringement of your proper to decide on. Effectively, the identical is true for distant therapeutic. You don't have any proper to “ship” a Reiki remedy to anybody, even when your motives are good and also you simply wish to assist. It must be their alternative.

Typically a well-meaning relative or good friend of a sick particular person will ask you to ship that particular person a distant Reiki remedy—however be cautious. Ensure that they've requested that particular person’s permission first—except, after all, that particular person is unconscious or too younger or too sick to have the ability to make such a alternative. Underneath these circumstances it's acceptable to try sending a Reiki remedy—and if the Reiki flows then their Larger Self has given permission, but when it comes again you recognize that it was not acceptable at that exact time.

After I say the Reiki “comes again” which may sound unusual—and certainly, it could really feel a bit unusual. What I imply is that you simply make a reference to the particular person by utilizing the Distant Image, and while you begin “sending” the Reiki—or intending to permit it to move—it reaches its vacation spot instantaneously. It's because the Distant Image brings all time and house into the right here and now, so it's simply as when you've got positioned your arms on the particular person and the Reiki has “switched on” and began to move into them. Nevertheless, if the recipient is unwilling to obtain the Reiki, it has nowhere to go, so it comes straight again throughout the bridge fashioned by the Distant Image and “hits” you—pretty gently, however fairly undoubtedly—within the coronary heart chakra, photo voltaic plexus or third eye.

If this occurs then shut down the connection between you and the supposed recipient and redirect the Reiki—you'll be able to say or assume that the Reiki can move into the planet, as an example, to heal the Earth or enable it to move into your personal physique to heal you. To shut down the connection, you'll be able to simply draw the Energy Image once more, saying its sacred mantra thrice, the particular person’s title thrice and the situation as soon as, intending to finish the connection between you and the particular person involved.

Alternatively, you'll be able to visualize the Distant Image as an extended bridge between you and the particular person and visualize a Energy Image flowing evenly throughout that bridge to shut the connection, then gently and respectfully disconnect the tip of the bridge from that particular person and draw it again towards you. Wherever it enters you, draw a Energy Image over that chakra and intend that the method be over.