This image comes from Sanskrit, and its form is made up of three strokes. It's most likely probably the most versatile of the three given at Sec - ond Diploma. It may be used alone or together with both or each of the opposite two symbols, often drawn after them to convey the activating energy of Reiki into their mixed functions. Its predominant operate is to extend the ability of Reiki, and to convey the vitality of Reiki into the “right here and now”: into the current second. Within the Japanese custom, it's known as the Focus Image, because it focuses the Reiki onto or into no matter it's drawn over.

When your physique is out of steadiness, or you aren't sufficiently “grounded,” the Energy (Focus) image works to revive an applicable rhythm and equilibrium, to permeate issues with Reiki. It will clear any unfavorable energies and produce again the pure steadiness and performance. It subsequently helps to revitalize the physique, particularly the primary and second chakras (root and sacral), that are linked to bodily and materials points. Its predominant features are empowering, cleaning and defending.