The Harmony Symbol

The Harmony Symbol


The Harmony Symbol represents heaven vitality. And once more, as soon as we perceive the idea behind it, it’s straightforward to find out when to make use of it. It offers with our thoughts, our feelings and our connection to the spirit realm – the whole lot we can not grasp with our 5 senses, but are very a lot conscious is there (and if we aren’t, Reiki will guarantee that we develop into conscious).

It helps us to appreciate that we’re not on our personal. We will all the time ask for assist, steering and perception from the ‘different facet’. And it really works on problems with the thoughts, bringing concord and steadiness and coping with trauma and negativity.

The vitality centre for heaven vitality is the third eye: the higher Tanden or forehead chakra. Many Reiki college students even really feel a bodily sensation when it's activated (nevertheless it works anyway, whether or not we realize it or not).

Visible illustration

When Usui looked for a focus device representing heaven vitality, he was reminded of the non secular teachings of his childhood. They will need to have been a pleasing reminiscence, as he determined to make use of the image for Pure Land Buddhism’s primary deity: Amida Nyorai. He represents the heavenly facets of affection, compassion, grace, concord and forgiveness, and is usually known as the Buddha of Infinite Gentle. Usui appears to have barely streamlined the drawing to deliver it into line with the way in which the opposite symbols had been drawn.