The bodily physique is one thing everyone knows about—we are able to see it and really feel it—but each cell in it's nonetheless vitality or gentle, vibrating at a sluggish sufficient fee to make it into seen bodily matter. Nonetheless, surrounding and interpenetrating our bodily physique is one other physique of vitality, this time made up of a lot finer and lighter vibrations, which is mostly known as the aura, the auric subject or the human vitality physique.

This auric subject is as a lot part of you as your bodily physique—certainly, your bodily physique is actually simply the densest interior layer of this flowing vitality subject. Nonetheless, the upper frequencies of the energies that make up the aura imply that it's tougher to see with the bare eye, though it may be detected by some scientific tools, and can be photographed utilizing a specifically developed Kirlian digital camera. Every particular person’s vitality physique has its personal distinctive vitality signature—its energetic vibrational frequencies are distinctive, simply as fingerprints are distinctive to every particular person.

Along with the aura, our vitality physique accommodates some vitality facilities generally known as chakras and a spread of vitality channels flowing by means of the physique known as meridians. Maybe the best manner of understanding that is to consider your vitality physique in related phrases to your bodily physique. The aura is the vitality equal of your entire bodily physique, the chakras are equal to your mind and main organs, and the meridians are just like your veins and arteries, however as an alternative of blood, they carry vitality—Ki—all around the physique.