The Master level

The Master level

There are a number of codecs for Reiki Master training, from on-line and one-day programs (neither of which I really feel are terribly profound) to three-day and week-long choices. And the basic of Western Reiki coaching, a year-long apprenticeship (historically charged at US$10,000 and due to this fact more and more much less widespread). Personally, I just like the format of a residential course. Being plucked out my regular setting and absolutely concentrating on studying Reiki actually labored greatest for me.

It could nicely occur, although, that we’re not likely prepared for a course, or what we be taught isn’t as profound as we’d hoped. If so, it’s fantastic to take one other Grasp course some time later. I took three, and each time I discovered one thing new.

The Master Symbol


The Master Symbol represents enlightenment – the belief of our true self.

Visual representation

This image, fabricated from plenty of kanji, is present in a number of esoteric Buddhist traditions in Japan and may be seen in many temples (one in all them being the present Buddhist temple on the foot of Mount Kurama). It’s not sure whether or not Mikao Usui used it, but it surely represents the essence of Reiki completely.


A-I-KO-YO (pronounced ‘Ahh eee koh eee-ohh’)


To sense our connection to the supply of the universe, to really feel the sunshine inside. It may be utilized in meditation, collectively with Joshin Kokyu-Ho, and varieties a part of most attunement strategies.