The physical and the energy body

The physical and the energy body

So typically once we have a look at the world, we see ourselves as barely indifferent from it. ‘There is the world. Right here am I. There's an exterior (world) and an inside (me).’ And but the idea that works for the universe will also be utilized to the physique. And right here it turns into much more attention-grabbing.

 Once we look right into a mirror, that is what we see: a physique. Our physique! And naturally that is additionally what we are inclined to determine with. The physique within the mirror is who we're. We take nice care of what we see, making use of an abundance of lotions and lotions to it, going to the gymnasium and consuming healthily, and even saying issues like ‘I’m taking care of myself.’

Often, matter – the physique, that's – causes issues: elements break, bruise or in numerous different methods don’t perform correctly. However issues will also be created by different means. From time to time, as an illustration, we are saying, ‘I've so little vitality’, ‘I really feel depleted’ or ‘I’m exhausted’, though nothing is bodily improper with us. What does this imply?

The apparent: we even have finer, sooner vibrations in our physique, known as ‘vitality’ or ‘life-force’. In different languages and traditions that is referred to as ki, chi or prana. And on this foundation, a whole library of therapeutic arts has developed, collectively referred to as ‘vitality therapeutic’. Reiki is usually labeled as certainly one of them. However is it? Solely partially, as we'll see.

Changing into conscious of the aura

And but for me it was a whole revelation to see that there was extra to us than the bodily physique – particularly because the phrase ‘see’ may be taken actually! I’m certain you’ll discover the next train simply as fascinating as I do: