The Place Where Opposites Meet

As a result of Runes have usually been related to the Divine Warrior and Reiki has at all times been related to therapeutic and inside peace, some would possibly even really feel that the traditions are mutually unique. Many among the many Reiki group would possibly say that any guide on Reiki ought to don't have anything to do with Runes. And, equally, some conventional vitkis, those that observe invoking and utilizing Runes, would possibly really feel that merging Reiki with Runes is an insult to an extended, proud custom of Runes that primarily honors the trail of the Divine Warrior. But for me, there's a fail-safe technique of bringing these two programs collectively that honors the perfect elements of each traditions and in addition empowers people on their path of religious awakening.

I additionally consider that embedded within the mythology of northern European peoples is the very prediction of this merging. It's talked about in tales in regards to the Ragnorak (the tip of the world), when the outdated gods and outdated methods will die out, to get replaced by a brand new religious order. As a pupil of Runes, I at all times discovered this story to be a really unhappy one, as I maintain a robust affinity with Odin, the Norse god who is alleged to have hung from the tree of Yggdrasil to achieve the information and knowledge of the Runes. I didn't wish to assume that Odin, or any of the opposite deities I labored with in my examine of Runes, may truly die.

Nonetheless, in the summertime of 2003, I used to be proven the deeper that means of this delusion. Whereas making a backyard dedicated to world peace with a shaman pal of mine, we had been guided to position at its middle a workers with a number of Runes written on it. This appeared odd to me, as I had at all times related Runes with the Divine Warrior, not with peace. In the course of the ceremony, when this backyard was blessed for the aim of peace, my shaman pal channeled a message from Odin, who clearly defined why we had been informed to place the Rune workers within the very middle of this peace backyard. The message was that humanity had misunderstood the character of the Divine Warrior and had thus abused Runes to create conflict as a substitute of peace. The channeled message from Odin predicted that Runes can be remodeled now to keep up peace as a substitute of conflict and strife. My interpretation of this message is that the parable of the outdated gods and goddesses of the northern European pantheon dying is actually about humanity awakening sufficient from our personal religious ignorance to see Runes and the deities that rule them from a deeper, extra woke up religious perspective. It's not that these deities will die, however that our personal misinterpretations of them will die in order that the true mild of Runes and their deities will be revealed.