The Position of Ki—Life-force Power

Information that our our bodies are crammed with life-force vitality—Ki—and that that is straight related to the standard of our well being, has been a part of the knowledge of many cultures for hundreds of years, and has resulted within the improvement of many various types of “vitality drugs.” A few of these require direct bodily contact with the physique, corresponding to acupuncture, shiatsu and reflexology, whereas others are taken into the physique in varied kinds, corresponding to natural, homeopathic and flower treatments.

In fact it's not solely individuals who have vitality our bodies. All animals, birds, fish, bugs and vegetation have detectable auras and, certainly, so do what we would time period “inanimate” objects, corresponding to rocks, crystals, minerals, metals and water.

The quantity of Ki or life pressure inside you varies from day after day—there's a pure rhythmic ebb and movement within the energies inside our our bodies—however we take up Ki in varied methods as a way to “prime up” our provide of life pressure, as we naturally use some every day. We take up some within the type of foods and drinks—keep in mind, all animal and flowers, and even water, is crammed with Ki too—and we additionally soak up Ki from the air we breathe and take up it by means of our auric fields. Ki vitality is all over the place; it's the connective pressure of the Universe so there's a limitless provide.

The degrees of life pressure in our our bodies have an effect on our inherent therapeutic capability, as Ki helps to nourish the construction, organs and programs of the physique, supporting them of their important capabilities and contributing to the wholesome development and renewal of cells. Nonetheless, the quantity we take up is just not fixed, and may depend upon many elements, so we don’t at all times sufficiently replenish our provide of Ki.

If this occurs over a while our vitality physique can grow to be too depleted, and that is after we grow to be weaker and extra inclined to sickness, the ageing course of and even bodily demise, as a result of our Ki, or life pressure, is what defines us as residing beings.

Which means when our Ki is excessive and flowing freely round our entire vitality physique, we really feel wholesome, robust, match and stuffed with vitality. We additionally really feel assured, able to take pleasure in life and tackle its challenges, and are a lot much less more likely to grow to be in poor health. Nonetheless, if our Ki is low, or if there's a restriction or blockage in its movement, we really feel weak, drained, listless and torpid, and are rather more weak to sickness or “dis-ease.”