The Power Symbol

The Power Symbol


The Energy Image (generally additionally referred to as the Focus Image) represents Earth vitality. As soon as we internalize this concept, we’ll don't have any issues deciding when to make use of it. It helps to convey Reiki to the extent of kind: our life within the right here and now. Though in essence we're religious beings, whereas we're incarnated in a physique we've corresponding wants. Our physique must operate, and we rely on foods and drinks, revenue and residential. When there’s an issue, Reiki is at hand – within the form of Earth vitality.

As we've already famous, the vitality centre within the physique the place we maintain Earth vitality is the Hara, the decrease Tanden or navel chakra. In lots of Jap vitality traditions, that is seen because the centre of our life-force vitality. Specializing in increase vitality right here can considerably enhance our bodily power and wellbeing.

Visual representation

The spiral is utilized in many religious traditions. It has been discovered on Sanskrit, Celtic and historic Egyptian artefacts, amongst others. Once we take a look at a spiral it usually ‘involves life’, beginning to spin and drawing us into its centre. However Mikao Usui added two extra strains when he created this Reiki image, which signifies that, opposite to info given elsewhere, the image doesn't appear to be plucked from different traditions, however custom-made for Reiki.

I like the next interpretation: the primary, horizontal, line signifies the manifestation of vitality – an object or a state of affairs is created. Lastly, we simply focus on the issue … and circle into the centre of what wants Reiki.

The anticlockwise motion could symbolize that Reiki can change a state of affairs – simply as a screw is turned on this path when it's within the mistaken place and we wish to undo it. What had been caught is loosened – and will be recreated.