The Purpose of the Reiki Integration Grid

I supply this software at this stage of your journey as a result of the steps that comply with might start to strip away a few of the core karmic particles and conditioning that has saved you veiled, saved you from figuring out your individual true Divine nature. This strategy of lifting the veil is crucial to seeing with readability that everlasting Divine presence that isn't solely you, however every little thing. And but this course of can, at occasions, be laborious, be disturbing, and make you're feeling as if the other is going on, that you're dropping every little thing that you're. For those who start utilizing the Common Reiki Integration Grid, it is going to act like a salve on that course of. It can permit you to nonetheless really feel grounded after very intense vitality remedies. It can hold your thoughts targeted when the very core of your being is present process a metamorphosis.

For those who consider non secular awakening as being just like the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, one factor it's essential to find out about caterpillars is that they change into deconstructed whereas within the cocoon. Primarily, the Common Reiki Integration Grid means that you can stay calm and centered whereas the phantasm of your individual separateness from the Divine is deconstructed by the vitality work specified by the next chapters.

Invoking the Common Reiki Integration Grid

To have your Greater Self immerse you within the Common Reiki Integration Grid, say the next invocation:

By the ability of the golden mild inside
By the ability of the sacred breath
I manifest this reality
I now will my Greater Self
to immerse me into the Common Reiki Integration Grid
for the following hour
I manifest this now
So be it!

(Blow thrice.)

You may at all times regulate the time that you simply wish to be immersed within the Common Reiki Integration Grid. You can also make it longer or shorter than the hour specified within the invocation. However as a result of you have got already gone up a number of steps of the Reiki Stairway to Heaven, and have already acquired some life-changing empowerments, it could be time to grab the handrail. And you are able to do so now by giving your self the luxurious of integrating at a deeper degree by participating in a full hour of being immersed within the Common Reiki Integration Grid. Achieve this earlier than going to sleep and see how you're feeling the next morning. It can put together you for the deeper releases but to return within the following chapters.