The Reiki Sandwich

In the event you don’t have time to do a full Reiki therapy on somebody, you may discover the next method helpful. It gives a fast, energy-lifting vibrational shift within the auric area. You don’t have to put your fingers straight on the person, however they'll stay within the auric area, simply past the physique itself, in order that the consumer is “sandwiched” between your fingers. One or two minutes in every place is normally sufficient, as a result of holding your fingers out could be fairly tiring. Put together your self for doing this fast therapy within the typical means (see web page 159).

1. Ask shoppers to both stand with their ft aside (hip width), or sit up on a chair with their ft flat on the ground, with their eyes closed.

2. Draw a Energy Image on every of your palms, saying its sacred mantra silently to your self 3 times. Draw a big Energy Image in entrance of their physique after which one other in the back of their physique, every time saying its sacred mantra silently 3 times.

3. Stand so {that a} consumer is sideways in entrance of you.

4. Place your fingers, palms going through one another, roughly 20 cm (Eight in) aside, simply above the crown chakra. Maintain this and every following place for about one minute (or extra, should you really feel that is mandatory and also you and the consumer are nonetheless fairly comfy).

5. Palms nonetheless going through one another, transfer your fingers right down to the Third Eye chakra, one hand 15-20 cm (6-Eight in) from the entrance of their head and the opposite the identical distance away from the again of their head, each palms going through towards the consumer.

The Reiki sandwich.

6. After a minute, transfer your fingers right down to the throat chakra, one going through the entrance of the throat and one going through the again of the neck, the identical distance away as earlier than.

7. Subsequent transfer your fingers right down to the guts chakra, one hand going through the middle of the chest and the opposite hand on the identical top going through the center of the again, the identical distance away as earlier than.

8. Repeat with the photo voltaic plexus chakra, above the waist.

9. Repeat with the sacral chakra, just under the navel.

10. Repeat with the foundation chakra, on the base of the backbone.

11. Subsequent flip your palms to face downward, and, preserving them about the identical distance away from the physique as earlier than, push your fingers downward till they virtually contact the ground, letting the power stream down towards the ft to floor it. (In the event you can not bend simply, then simply let your palms face downward for just a few seconds, and intend that the power stream down towards the ft.)

12. Then flip your palms to face upward and transfer your fingers a bit farther away from the physique, say 25-30 cm (10-12 in), and slowly carry the power as you progress your fingers up the entire physique to the crown.

13. When your fingers are above the crown chakra, briefly deliver them collectively till your fingertips contact, after which pull them aside once more, letting the palms face downward. Along with your fingers at the least 30 cm (12 in) away from the physique, sweep the aura fairly shortly downward as your fingers transfer down from crown to ft.

14. Then transfer away from the recipient, place your fingers at midchest top within the Gassho (prayer) place and mentally give thanks for the Reiki, bowing barely as a mark of re - spect.

15. Lastly, snap your fingers or clap your fingers, or shake them vigorously to interrupt the power connection.