This can be a approach from the Japanese custom that's appropriate for anybody with any degree of Reiki. It consists of activating and cleaning your complete vitality physique by absorbing Reiki vitality all through the physique like a bathe. You need to use this system nearly wherever for cleaning your self. It additionally helps to middle your self, elevating your consciousness and bringing you right into a meditative state.
1. Stand or sit and make your self snug. Shut or half-close your eyes and start to decelerate and deepen your respiration till you'll be able to preserve a naturally sluggish and regular tempo.
2. Place your fingers within the Gassho place. Keep like this for just a few moments, and intend to make use of Reiki to cleanse and activate your vitality physique.
3. Then separate your fingers and elevate them above your head, as excessive as potential, maintaining them about 20 to 30 cm (Eight to 12 in) aside. Watch for just a few moments till you start to really feel the Reiki build up between your fingers, then flip your palms downward in order that they're dealing with the highest of your head.
4. Visualize and intend that you're receiving a bathe of Reiki vitality from the palms of your fingers that flows over and thru your complete bodily and vitality physique, cleaning you and eradicating any unfavorable vitality. If in case you have Second Diploma Reiki, you'll be able to think about a picture of the Energy Image flowing by means of you if you want. Say its mantra 3 times, imagining it vibrating all through your vitality physique. Equally, if in case you have Third Diploma Reiki you should utilize the Grasp Image and its mantra in the identical manner.
5. Once you really feel the vibration of the Reiki vitality flowing over and thru you, transfer your fingers, palms nonetheless dealing with towards you, and start to attract them slowly down over your face and in entrance of your physique, maintaining your fingers about 20 to 30 cm (Eight to 12 in) away from the physique. Intend that Reiki is flowing out of your fingers and persevering with to cleanse and revitalize you as you draw your fingers all the way in which down your physique after which down your legs to your ft. Ultimately flip your palms to face the ground and gently throw the vitality off your fingers in order that any unfavorable vitality flows out of your ft and into the earth beneath, the place it may be remodeled and utilized by the planet.
6. Repeat this train just a few instances—I discover 3 times to be excellent—and it is best to really feel cleansed, revitalized and extra alive as Reiki therapeutic and lightweight flows into all your cells and fills each a part of your physique.
7. Place your fingers collectively once more within the Gassho place and spend just a few moments experiencing gratitude for the Reiki, then end. You might discover it useful to clap your fingers a couple of times that can assist you to return to a extra wakeful state if this train leaves you feeling a bit “spaced.”
8. After finishing the Reiki Bathe your complete physique is activated with Reiki, your fingers are stuffed with the sunshine of Reiki and you might be prepared to hold out therapeutic for your self and/or for others.