The seven layers of the aura.

This aura is non secular vitality that's current from delivery (and probably earlier than) till demise. After bodily demise, no aura may be detected, as a result of the life pressure not exists. The densest layers, nearest the physique, can be seen with the bare eye with a little bit observe. Painters over the centuries have depicted the aura across the heads of angels, saints and prophets as a vivid golden halo, indicating their pure and non secular vitality.

Detecting auras is the very first thing I educate in my Reiki lessons. Aside from being nice enjoyable it additionally permits folks to realize an actual understanding of the idea of vitality and life pressure earlier than they be taught to make use of the upper vibrations of Reiki therapeutic vitality to permeate, clear, stability and energize the entire vitality physique.

For almost all of individuals, the layers of the aura appear to be alternately optimistic and adverse vitality—not that means good or unhealthy, however merely indicating a unique set of vibrations, just like optimistic and adverse polarities in magnetism. Nonetheless, some folks’s auric layers are all the identical—all optimistic, or all adverse—and others have the primary three layers optimistic, and the subsequent 4 adverse and so forth. Every particular person is particular person, so there isn't a “proper” or “unsuitable” on this—simply as there isn't a “proper” or “unsuitable” about having darkish hair as an alternative of blonde. 

The most important shock for most individuals is discovering out how massive the aura may be. In fact it varies from individual to individual, and it adjustments from day after day anyway, however the outer layer of the aura may be anyplace from about 2 meters (6½ ft) to 20 meters (66 ft) and even farther away from the particular person’s bodily physique. Which means, at any time when we're with different folks, our auras are intermingling, and whether or not or not we're conscious of it we're “selecting up” alerts from different folks’s auras on a regular basis.

Though we will not be consciously conscious of the actual fact, all of us use our auras as sensing units—what you would possibly name “the eyes behind your head.” Have you ever ever felt significantly drawn to sit down subsequent to somebody or felt a way of discomfort when sitting subsequent to another person, though you don’t know them? This could possibly be as a result of your aura has already “picked up” both complementary or disturbing energies inside the different particular person’s aura.

Or have you ever ever skilled an odd prickling sensation behind your neck when somebody has been you from behind? Maybe you may have been in a position to sense the ambiance inside a room earlier than you may have even opened the door? Not stunning, actually, when you think about that your aura could prolong 10 or extra meters (30 or extra ft) forward of you, in order that it's already within the room selecting up the vibrations of different folks’s auric fields; it's because the finer and lighter vibrations of auric vitality can move by means of the denser vitality of bodily matter.