The Symbols 

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Seems like – “hone (as in telephone) sha zay present nen” Alias "The Distance Image" Abstract – Common connection properties, bridge between heaven and earth, transcends time and house for healings 

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is used to ship Reiki. You'll be able to ship Reiki to anybody and something. It's used to ship Reiki over distance and time (equivalent to when utilizing Reiki to heal a previous trauma or sending Reiki to a degree sooner or later while you or somebody may want it). It's also drawn earlier than sending a distant attunement. 

Cho Ku Rei Seems like – “cho (as in blow) koo ray" Alias “The Energy Image Abstract – Used for energizing (even objects), non secular safety, cleaning unfavourable energies, assist in manifestation, Empowers all the opposite Reiki symbols, clears rooms and crystals, after the therapy for sealing energies... Cho Ku Rei is the all-purpose image. It usually will increase the move of Reiki or attracts Reiki to a specific space. It might be used earlier than any therapy by drawing it over the physique of the shopper (as can “any” of the symbols) or it may be drawn over areas particularly want. It may be drawn over meals to cost it with Reiki, over medicines, herbs, and so on. to extend their effectiveness and reduce unwanted effects, in areas (homes, residences, automobiles, and so on) to clear away unfavourable energies and as a normal protecting image. That is the image that I exploit probably the most. It's also an assist to cease extra bleeding, lessens ache and removes blockages/resistance to therapeutic. 

That is the image used to attach with the vitality at first of a session, and to extend energy/vitality the place wanted throughout a session - the shopper might have an in-balance and require extra vitality. 

It additionally helpful on the finish of a session as its identified to seal within the therapeutic properties of the energies used all through the session. 

Sei He Ki Seems like – “say hay key " Alias “The Psychological/Emotional Image" Abstract – Key to the universe, physic safety, alignment between body-soul-consciousness, cleaning, Can be utilized in meditations to activate the Kundalini, balancing the correct/left mind, emotional or psychological therapeutic, assist for eradicating dependancy habits, can relax your shopper if positioned on their Forehead chakra/third eye... 

Sei He Ki tends to concentrate on these elements of the vitality our bodies regarding feelings and psychological states. I exploit it in virtually each therapeutic session, I imagine that the majority illness has an emotional base that should be addressed earlier than a whole therapeutic can happen. The image clears emotional blockages and aligns the higher chakras. 

Sei He Ki restores emotional stability and concord and can also be helpful in opposition to unhealthy vibrations or unfavourable energies. An excellent image for inside calmness and the discharge of blockages 

TAM-A-RA-SHA Seems like “tam ara sha” Alias – “The Balancing Issue” Abstract - Grounds and balances the vitality. Helps un-block the vitality chakras facilities permitting the vitality to move. 

The Tam-A-Ra-Sha is a Balancing/Unblocking image. To utterly unblock your self signal it over or round your toes. Signing this image over ache helps cut back the ache or dissipate it altogether.