The Thriller of Dimensions

You would possibly even say that dimensions are simply one other a part of the phantasm of separation and that to additional fragment actuality into an increasing number of dimensions merely provides to the consciousness of separation. There are various methods to take a look at this from an mental perspective, and I don't faux to have the last word reply on what number of dimensions there really are on this universe. However I do know that in the case of energetic therapeutic, it's potential to create an eighth-dimensional object.

What follows shortly is an empowerment to improve your entire Reiki skills to work on an eighth-dimensional degree. This empowerment will assist you to then movement any of those energies on the eighth-dimensional degree just by intending that this happen. Please notice that more often than not you'll not want to make use of this degree of therapeutic, that the Reiki methods on the degree you're already empowered to make use of are sufficient for many points you'll encounter in your journey of non secular awakening. However typically, regardless of how a lot vitality you pour into a difficulty, nothing budges. In these cases, attempt utilizing the eighth-dimensional empowerment for the vitality work after which see if that creates extra of a shift within the problem. Additionally, one more reason for participating eighth-dimensional vitality work is solely to deepen your vitality dance with the Divine, to come back to a joyful recognition of how magical and wondrous creation actually is.