Most varieties of animal reply very effectively to Reiki, and with many you possibly can observe an analogous format of hand positions to these on people with good impact. Clearly, although, this relies upon the scale (and temperament) of the animal. There are a number of strategies that can be utilized, relying upon particular circumstances:

• Inserting the fingers straight on the animal.

• Sending Reiki via the aura to the animal.

• Inserting the fingers on the cage or tank by which the animal is housed.

• Holding a small animal in your fingers.

Coping with Pets

The animals most individuals are eager to deal with with Reiki are their pets. Evidently animals are very rather more in tune with their very own well being and vitality wants than people, so whereas some will fortunately sit or stand for a very long time to obtain Reiki and hold coming again for extra, others will rapidly transfer away. Even pets who would normally sit fortunately to be stroked could stroll off for those who attempt to give them Reiki, and if that occurs, please allow them to. I've seen overenthusiastic Reiki college students lined in scratches and even chunk marks after decided makes an attempt to deal with their pet with Reiki when the animal clearly didn't need any!

Any hand positions you select will clearly depend on the place you possibly can attain and the place the animal will permit you to contact, in addition to the place it's protected to the touch. Additionally do not forget that Reiki will circulate round the entire physique, even for those who can solely place your fingers in a single place. Relying upon the scale, you would possibly attempt one or two hand positions on the pinnacle and two or three on both aspect of the physique. Some animals appear to dislike Reiki being given straight onto their backbone, though cats may be an exception to this.

Clearly if there's a particular damage, then that's the place remedy must be concentrated, however take care to not contact any half straight that may trigger the animal ache. Reiki can enter the auric subject, and filter into the bodily physique from there, so you possibly can maintain your fingers 5 to eight cm (2 to three in) or extra above the damage web site, and the Reiki will circulate in fairly simply. The period of time required for remedy will fluctuate vastly and can depend on the scale of the animal in addition to on the severity of any sickness or damage.

One other method to assist your pets, or different animals, is to Reiki their meals and water to reinforce its dietary qualities and to offset the hostile results of any chemical substances or preservatives. That is easy to do. Maintain the meals or water bowl with one hand beneath it and one hand over it, and intend that Reiki ought to circulate into the water. You are able to do this additionally with a field, packet or tin of meals in your fingers, intending that Reiki ought to circulate into it—a minute is sort of sufficient, and 30 seconds will most likely do. Any homeopathic cures or treatment distributed by a veterinarian can be given Reiki in the identical method.

Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Bugs and Small Mammals

If in case you have a pet fowl, reptile, or small mammal, they might be effectively used to you dealing with them, by which case you possibly can simply maintain them between your fingers and let the Reiki circulate. Nevertheless, if they're more likely to peck, chunk or scratch you, it might be extra circumspect to deal with them within the cage, tank or hut the place they stay.

Merely place your fingers on or close to the receptacle and intend that the Reiki ought to circulate to the creature, and take your fingers away when it feels acceptable to take action. Any small creatures will normally want treating for just a few minutes. After all, in case your pet wants a couple of remedy, you can provide it as a lot Reiki as you want—it's not attainable to overdose on Reiki.

Farm Animals and Horses

With livestock reminiscent of cattle, sheep, pigs, hens or geese it's typically best to deal with them via the aura from the sting of the sector or beside the pen, sty or different enclosure. A horse is usually simpler as they're extra used to human contact, so you may place your fingers in a single or two positions on the pinnacle/neck, and three or 4 down either side of the physique.

Wild Animals

It's most likely greatest to put wild birds or different small wild animals in a cardboard field with airholes earlier than treating them, as contact with people may be very scary, and the shock may even trigger some to die. In case you ought to ever want to present Reiki to an animal that may show harmful (for instance in a zoo), or that's too nervous to allow you to get close to it, then it's completely acceptable to face a protected distance away and ship the Reiki via your individual aura into the auric subject of the animal.