Simply as with Reiki 1, it's in all probability advisable to not do full therapies on different individuals till after the 21-day clearing course of has been accomplished following your attunement. Then, earlier than beginning a remedy, it is crucial that you must put together your self and the area wherein the remedy is to happen, and that you just put your consumer relaxed. You have to to hold out all of the solutions in Chapter 7, together with clearing and cleaning of the room and any gear, self-cleansing and energetic safety for your self, and the reason to your consumer of what they're more likely to expertise.
There are some extra issues you are able to do utilizing the Energy Image, to cleanse the room and the remedy sofa. With the intention that Reiki ought to cleanse the room of any unfavorable energies, go to every nook of the room in flip and, dealing with the nook, draw a big Energy Image, saying its sacred mantra 3 times whereas drawing an arc together with your hand from the nook towards the middle of the room. When you will have accomplished all 4 corners, transfer to the center of the room and draw a Energy Image above you, as if on the ceiling, and one other within the path of the ground, every time saying its sacred mantra 3 times.
Arrange the remedy sofa you probably have one, and place clear pillows and blanket prepared. Cleanse the sofa (or different appropriate place), pillows and blanket by drawing a Energy Image over them, silently saying its sacred mantra 3 times with the intention that every one this gear be cleansed of any unfavorable energies, and crammed with Reiki.
Earlier than you begin treating your consumer, bear in mind to fill your aura with Reiki, intending that the periphery varieties a protecting barrier, and the Reiki inside it protects you from all negativity and hurt, permitting any unfavorable energies to be launched and dispersed naturally. You may then go on to sense and scan your consumer’s aura.