At Second Diploma degree, self-healing is nonetheless some of the necessary elements of Reiki, not solely as part of the Religious Self-discipline of Reiki (see Chapter 17), but in addition as an act of self-love to provide your self a Reiki remedy day-after-day, and a easy and wise method to assist your physique to take care of good well being. If you want you possibly can draw the Energy Image on every hand earlier than you begin self-scanning (see beneath) or a self-treatment, or just visualize it in entrance of you earlier than commencing. Alternatively, you possibly can draw the image, or think about it, over every space that you're treating. Every time you employ the Energy Image, say its sacred mantra thrice silently to your self.


The scanning course of described earlier on this chapter will also be carried out on your self and is a wonderful option to get to know your self and your power physique. For those who do get any intuitive concepts, settle for no matter is proven to you with out judging or blaming your self—you could have merely reached the appropriate time to extend your self-awareness on this method, and you might be being proven deeper ranges of your self that want therapeutic.

Enable the Reiki to movement into that space of your physique, and your power area, and ask Reiki additionally to movement into your consciousness that will help you to let go of this drawback space, each consciously and sub-consciously. Following this process frequently helps your private and non secular consciousness and progress and will increase your sensitivity, so that you just turn out to be much more expert at figuring out blockages in some other folks you deal with.

Normal Self-treatment Enhanced with Symbols

A self-treatment may be made much more efficient by utilizing the Energy Image. Earlier than you begin, empower your entire power area by drawing a Energy Image on every palm and a big Energy Sym - bol in entrance of your entire physique, silently saying its mantra thrice every time you employ it. Then, earlier than putting your fingers in every of the 12 hand positions, visualize a Energy Image both within the air above, or instantly on the physique within the space that's being handled, every time silently saying its mantra thrice.

Utilizing a Psychological and Emotional Remedy for Self-healing

You'll be able to significantly improve the effectiveness of your Reiki self-treatment by finishing up a “psychological and emotional” remedy, which is strictly the identical as that detailed beforehand for utilizing with different folks. This does require appreciable focus for about 5 minutes or so, however you possibly can then shorten the size of time you spend however positions, if you want.

1. Begin by sitting or mendacity quietly together with your fingers in your coronary heart chakra, doing Reiki on your self for a couple of moments. Then draw the Energy Image from the highest of your head right down to your photo voltaic plexus in order to clear, shield and empower you, silently saying its sacred mantra thrice. (Keep in mind always that the Reiki symbols are sacred, and you need to make sure that nobody else can see the symbols being drawn or hear their names. It's potential to attract them very small with observe.)

2. Subsequent, draw the Energy Image on every of your palms, say the mantra thrice, then place one hand beneath the again of your head in order that it covers the occipital bone.

3. With the opposite hand, draw all three symbols over your crown chakra, beginning with the Distant Image, saying its sacred mantra thrice, then say your personal identify thrice.

4. Then draw the Concord Image, say the mantra thrice and your identify thrice.

5. Lastly, draw the Energy Image, say the mantra thrice, and picture every image going by means of the crown, forehead and throat chakras and into the guts, and suppose, imagine and intend that this Reiki power is channeled with love and lightweight for the very best and best good.

6. When you could have completed this, place the hand that you've used to attract the symbols in your crown chakra and start the visualization sequence, with delicate white gentle filling your head and physique.

7. Proceed with the entire of the visualization sequence (steps 9 by means of 17) as within the full psychological/emotional remedy on pages 166-168.

8. When you could have accomplished the visualization, seal on this particular therapeutic by drawing a Energy Image over your photo voltaic plexus chakra and/or coronary heart chakra. Say the mantra thrice, intending that this unconditional love and deep therapeutic be sealed into your physique.

9. Lastly, draw the Energy Image as soon as extra over your crown chakra, and say the mantra thrice, with the intention of closing your chakras and ending this a part of the remedy. Closing this a part of the remedy correctly is as necessary for you in a self-treatment as it's when utilizing the psychological and emotional remedy with a consumer. It seals within the Reiki and closes the crown chakra, which suggests that you may then scale back your degree of focus. You'll be able to, in fact, finish with an announcement of gratitude to Reiki for its many blessings and therapeutic.

10. Now you can proceed your self-treatment within the regular method, putting your fingers in every of the 12 hand positions, however you possibly can scale back the time for every place if you want.

The Reiki symbols are highly effective and versatile, and as you could have seen from this chapter, they additional empower and improve the effectiveness of any hands-on remedies, so individuals who have acquired a Reiki remedy from you earlier than you do Second Diploma might discover a distinction afterward. They might comment on a rise in sensations or a deeper feeling of peacefulness. You'll in all probability steadily discover variations too, particularly in your potential to “tune in” to the areas that want probably the most Reiki and your capability to interpret any sensations you're feeling.

Within the subsequent chapter we check out distant therapeutic, the place you possibly can ship one of many above remedies to anybody anyplace on the planet, and it will likely be as efficient as in case you have been putting your fingers instantly on them.