Understanding the Dream of Separation


I imagine that the dream of separation is the first supply of most human struggling. Solely once we come to stay the traditional Sanskrit adage Tat tvam asi, which interprets as “That otherness is myself,” will we start to reap the harvest from the ideas that represent our society, corresponding to private freedom, abundance, and the pursuit of happiness, ideas that come extra from a Western social perspective based mostly on individuality versus Oneness.

To start our journey as a species towards awakening, it will be significant that we first embrace the unifying power that binds us all collectively. We're all from the identical One, it doesn't matter what title you give it. Jesus implied as a lot when he stated to deal with others as you'd deal with your self. The Buddhist textual content the Diamond Sutra refers to it as seeing all existence as a part of the common diamond. Many religions make point out of this idea that, in fact, there is no such thing as a separation and there's no hierarchy in receiving the blessings of Heaven. In Judaism, one of many nice prayers is “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God. The Lord is One.” In different phrases, if the Lord is One, there is no such thing as a two, no three, no 4, nothing aside from the Oneness that's God. Understanding this intellectually is just not so tough. Even science says that each one the universe comes from One, a single occasion known as the Large Bang.