Uses for Karuna Reiki symbols 

In defining the makes use of of the symbols right here, I will be introducing you to the names that characterize the Karuna symbols. I will not be together with drawings of the symbols as I really feel that doing so serves no constructive objective. As talked about earlier the symbols themselves have no energy with out an attunement. They are additionally only when one is thoroughly skilled in a Karuna Reiki class. 

The Usui Reiki custom asks practitioners not to reveal the names or the shape of the Usui symbols to one who is not attuned to them. I've honored that custom for many years and proceed to do so. 

Subsequently, the choice to print the names of the Karuna symbols was not a simple one. The Karuna symbols are deeply sacred to me, and I did not need to compromise their sacred nature in anyway. I talked it over with William Rand and several other different Karuna Masters and we agreed that it would be simpler for the reader to perceive what image is being referred to if we used the title for the image slightly than a coded reference to it. As lengthy because the reader understands that the title has no energy with out the attunement that is available in a Karuna Reiki class, then no hurt can be done. 

We additionally determined not to print the precise symbols as a result of we really feel that this helps preserve their sacred nature, and maintains the religious integrity of the Karuna Reiki system. 

The use of the image names will assist clearly talk the techniques included in this boook. I hope this helps Karuna practitioners extra clearly perceive how the symbols can be used to help with private issues and world conditions. I additionally hope that this data will encour age a extra frequent use of Karuna Reiki, which will in flip convey extra of this superior therapeutic vitality to the plaweb and help in our evolution. 

Out of respect for the Usui Reiki custom, I do not embrace the names or kind of the Usui symbols in this e book. I acknowledge that different authors have revealed the symbols, however I have chosen personally not to reveal their names or their kind to anybody who has not acquired the sacred attunement to the Usui symbols and the precise coaching of their use. 

After I point out the Usui symbols, I'll reference them by their features; the ability image, the psychological/emotional image, the distant therapeutic image, the Usui grasp image, the Tibetan grasp image, and the Tibetan chakra-balancing image. 

College students discover ways to draw and activate the Karuna symbols when they take part in a Karuna Reiki class.