You need to use a “correspondence”—one thing you utilize to symbolize the particular person and on which you'll place your arms throughout the remedy “as if ” they have been on the particular person. This may very well be your personal knee and thigh or a pillow or perhaps a teddy bear or another cuddly toy. This works as a result of all the pieces is vitality and subsequently all the pieces is related, so while you use an object to symbolize (correspond to) one thing else your intention transmutes the vitality esoterically, in order that for a time period the correspondence “is” the physique of another person. (Sure, I do know it sounds a bit bizarre, however it does work!)

You don’t have to make use of an object as a correspondence. Images and names written on items of paper additionally act as correspondences, as do pictures that you simply visualize. When visualizing an individual you'll be able to think about them to be life-size or the identical dimension as a pillow or teddy bear, or actually small in order that they'd match into your hand. You would then use visualization to think about your arms in numerous positions on the physique—or you possibly can visualize the particular person held between large arms, so that every one components of their physique can be receiving Reiki on the similar time.

One phrase of warning: when utilizing the Distant Image you create a very highly effective connection; when they're receiving a distant remedy many people who find themselves energetically fairly delicate really really feel as if the Practitioner’s arms are on their physique, and so they can really feel when the arms transfer to be positioned elsewhere. Whereas that is glorious, it does imply that you simply should be as cautious when doing a distant remedy as when doing a hands-on remedy, so be sure all of your hand actions are light.

The primary warning on this case, nonetheless, is about imagining the particular person turning over (or bodily turning over no matter you're utilizing as a correspondence) to have their again handled. Please do that very slowly and gently because the energetically delicate particular person can change into very disturbed by this, and might typically really feel the necessity to really flip over, so you need to give them time to do that. I do know of people that have fallen off a settee or off the bed in the midst of receiving a distant remedy when the Practitioner “flipped” them too shortly onto their stomachs—though they have been many miles aside on the time!