Using REIKI 

Despite the fact that, while therapeutic a shopper, you your self obtain Reiki energies, additionally it is urged to carry out Self-healing frequently - ideally each day (see the Appendix for a number of therapeutic / balancing methods and instruments). 

Self-healing will re-balance and centre your mind-body-spirit connection, and extra importantly, will liberate the power pathways permitting you to channel a stronger stream of Reiki power when therapeutic others. 

It’s additionally essential to do not forget that whereas Reiki is religious in its nature, it’s not a faith of any kind. There’s nothing you must consider in to make it work or to make use of it. It'll work no matter whether or not you consider in it or not, that’s the fantastic thing about Reiki

Bear in mind, you merely can not do something mistaken with Reiki as a result of it is a utterly pure supply power from the divine and may by no means be used for hurt in any means.