Crystals and gems have been regarded in lots of cultures as having magical powers and have been used all through historical past for his or her therapeutic qualities and wonder. Every crystal has totally different power balancing and vibrational qualities. These can work together with the human power physique to advertise therapeutic, which is enhanced much more by filling them with Reiki. Utilizing Reiki with crystals just isn't part of conventional Reiki, however many Masters and Practitioners discover crystals a helpful and engaging addition to their therapeutic work.

Varieties of Crystal

Many of the in style crystals are types of quartz, and their distinctive crystalline construction appears to be ideally suited to holding therapeutic power. There are numerous differing kinds and shapes of crystal, and most can be utilized as a vibrational instrument to dislodge detrimental vibrations, essentially the most generally used for this objective being clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. When selecting your crystals, maintain the intent or objective of “therapeutic” in your thoughts as you choose them.

Clear Quartz

That is essentially the most versatile and most simply programmable crystal. It receives, prompts, accommodates, amplifies and transmits power, balancing the chakras and dispelling negativity from your personal power discipline and from the atmosphere. When used as a instrument for remedy it is a superb channeler of therapeutic power. Additionally it is recognized to advertise clear-sightedness and encourage communication together with your Greater Self, and it really works nicely with any space of the physique.

Rose Quartz

This is named the “love stone,” as a result of its energies promote forgiveness and compassion by serving to you to let go of saved anger, resentment, guilt, concern and jealousy. It eases emotional and sexual imbalance and enhances consciousness of your true self, serving to you to be taught to like your self. It really works notably nicely with the spleen, kidneys, coronary heart, circulatory system and reproductive system.


This is named “the elevator” as a result of it's a highly effective support to religious enhancement, slicing by phantasm and galvanizing therapeutic, divine love, inspiration and instinct. It additionally strengthens the endocrine and immune methods and has an excellent impact on right-brain exercise (the inventive and intuitive aspect) and the pineal and pituitary glands, and is believed to be an distinctive blood cleanser and energizer.

Some crystals could be discovered of their authentic tough state, whereas others have been formed or polished. For therapeutic I don’t assume it issues what form you utilize, however I do discover crystal pyramids, crystal balls and crystal wands notably helpful, as they appear to pay attention therapeutic power most successfully.


If you first deliver the crystals house it is very important cleanse them totally. It's because they soak up power simply, and also you don’t know what sorts of power they've been absorbing earlier than you obtain them. Cleaning rids them of any detrimental energetic vibrations.

There are numerous strategies of cleaning, similar to holding the crystals in working water (not salt water) and letting them dry naturally afterward, and by leaving them in vibrant daylight or moonlight in order that they soak up a full cost of masculine (Solar) and female (Moon) energies. I exploit this technique, however I additionally use Reiki. Merely maintain the crystal in your palms and/or draw the Energy Image over it, say the mantra 3 times and intend that Reiki ought to cleanse the crystal.

To empower and program your crystals as soon as they've been totally cleansed, decide up all of the crystals individually and draw all three Reiki symbols over them, saying their sacred mantras and intending that the crystals be full of a vast provide of Reiki. It will then be held inside the crystals and launched when required for use for therapeutic.

You'll be able to carry a crystal round with you to assist your personal therapeutic or give it to another person who wants therapeutic power. I don’t use crystals throughout a Reiki therapy, however some individuals like to put charged crystals (that's, ones full of Reiki) close to a shopper, and even on the shopper’s chakras, throughout a therapy. If that is one thing you wish to strive, I'd advocate you attend a course on crystal therapeutic to search out out extra about them, and naturally it might be essential to determine if the shopper was pleased with utilizing them. It's best to take away the crystals earlier than smoothing the aura down.

You can too write down any downside you're experiencing on a chunk of paper and place it beneath a programed crystal, intending that the Reiki stream always into the issue to advertise therapeutic for the best and best good. It's best to cleanse the crystal and reprogram it as soon as every week to keep up the power of the power.