Seeds and crops reply extraordinarily effectively to Reiki, and I've examined this many instances. In a single experiment I stored a houseplant alive for months with out water, simply by giving it Reiki every day, and I've additionally planted seeds in similar compost and containers and given Reiki to solely half the seeds. In every case these given Reiki grew rather more rapidly and strongly than those who weren't handled, and people planted within the Reiki half additionally had a 100 p.c ger - mination charge.

To present Reiki to seeds, both maintain the packet between your fingers or plant the seeds and maintain your fingers over the seed trays for a minute or two. For houseplants maintain your fingers on either side of the pot for a couple of minute or about 15 cm (6 in) away from the plant itself. In case you are planting a brand new backyard or transferring crops to a different border, any good gardener is aware of that crops change into distressed and their development is affected when moved. In case you Reiki them earlier than and after uprooting them, it's best to discover the consequences of transplantation a lot diminished. For any of your indoor or out of doors crops, you possibly can Reiki their water, too, by holding your fingers on or over a watering can, or when holding a hose.