The Concord Image can be utilized that will help you change or remove habits or addictions which can be now not helpful to you, akin to smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, taking nonprescription medication and even overeating. Nevertheless, it will be important that it's best to really need to surrender the behavior that you're engaged on, since you acknowledge the advantages to your self and acknowledge these advantages as being extra advantageous than no matter it's that the behavior provides you. Reiki will be of appreciable help, nevertheless it can't drive you to do one thing you don’t wish to do, or one thing you're solely doing to please another person.

The Concord Image works on the psychological and emotional causes underlying issues, and every of the above-mentioned habits has its root in not less than one, and possibly each, of those potential causative points. Utilizing the Concord Image will assist to convey the causative points to the floor—akin to rejection, concern, anxiousness, self-loathing, the necessity for affection, and so forth—in order that they are often examined and healed.

Such self-realizations can, in fact, be very uncomfortable, so in the event you don’t actually wish to deal with the issue you'll merely push it again beneath the floor and nothing shall be achieved. However in the event you actually do wish to work on the issue, Reiki can assist you to vary to raised, more healthy habits in addition to allow you to to heal and let go of no matter points have been underlying your behavior. It may well additionally can help you let go of the issue sufficient to really feel a way of gratitude for the teachings it has taught you, as a result of each expertise has worth within the insights it affords and its contribution to who you're proper now.

Write your identify on a chunk of paper, along with a suitably optimistic assertion akin to “I'm now selecting a more healthy way of life, so I select to heal and let go of my must smoke/drink alcohol/ overeat/take medication.” Within the air above the paper draw a Concord Image, silently saying its mantra 3 times and repeating aloud 3 times the assertion you may have written, then draw a Energy Image and say its mantra 3 times. Maintain the paper between your arms, treating it with Reiki for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Proceed to do that till you're feeling that you've actually let go of this undesirable behavior.